Grande Prairie Alberta Map and Driving Directions

Your Grande Prairie Map for Holloway Inn & Suites
One great thing about home: you always know where it is. Holloway Inn & Suites, your home away from home, is also easy to find. Here’s a Grande Prairie map so you know how to get here. Whether you’re travelling north, east, south, or west, be our guest at the hotel that always treats you best.

From the east via Highway 43
Travelling from Edmonton, head west and take Highway 16. Stay on the highway for about 30 minutes and then take the junction onto Highway 43. Travel northwest through Whitecourt, Fox Creek and Valleyview. Your Grande Prairie holiday starts when you arrive at Holloway Inn & Suites.

From the south via Highway 40
Starting from Hinton, take Highway 40 north through Jasper National Park onto Grande Cache. Continue North to Grande Prairie. Your Grande Prairie travel experience starts when you arrive at Holloway Inn & Suites.

From the west (BC and the Alaska Highway)
Starting at Prince George, or from Alaska and the Yukon through Fort St. John, head east toward Dawson Creek at mile 0 of the Alaska Highway. Take BC Highway 2, which becomes Highway 43 at the BC/Alberta Border. Follow this highway to Grande Prairie.

From the north via Highway 1
From Highway 1, head south along Alberta Highway 35. At Peace River and area, take Highway 2 and continue south. You’ll see we’re conveniently located on your Grande Prairie map.

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